Sermon Illustration: Recognizing Your Authority

Sermon Illustration: Recognizing Your Authority


How much confidence does it give you knowing that you have the power and authority to overcome generational sin?

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  1. Blackcoffee2000 #

    Todays sermon was off the chain. When P. Conway said PIP…..what!!!! I just had to drop my pen and walk away. That was deep

  2. blackcoffee2000 #

    Serioulsy it should be said that we as christians are waging a war that is impossible without the light/word of God. Now if Jesus himself had to use the word of God (i.e quoting God's truth) to combate the devil, then as a believer if we do not have our weapons of mass destruction (i.e the word of God) in our hearts and minds then wow……we have have no hope in combating the devil. I for one need to seriously learn more of God's word.

    • Yummie #

      You are so right! It takes the full amour of God to fight the enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood… We have to do this on her knees. Often times, we feel like our worldly knowledge and authority give us the right to fight the enemy with out God, but each time (myself included), we fail. I just thank God for the truth that is being preached at One. All Glory to His name.

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