Compassion Week – Serve Your Square

Compassion Week – Serve Your Square

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  1. Darlene Drake #

    Being on the Compassion Team we were encouraged to Serve our Square a week before everyone. Being my first time on the team I’ll be honest and say I experienced some anxiety about it. I wanted to do everything perfectly, but found out that “perfect” is not the goal – just reaching out will accomplish what God wants it to accomplish. We did the prayer walk as a family and that was nice. My 4 year old loved it. We live on a street of duplexes so our square is not really a square. But we went out and knocked on around 20 doors. Honestly, we were not happily received at some. One older gentleman, however, was very happy to have the company. That let us know that we needed to reach out to him more often. People who answered the door were guarded. That’s ok. I believe it will make them curious enough to see what happens next. I even had one lady who wasn’t home to call me (we left a card with our number and invited them to an ice cream social). She said she has lived there for 12 years and didn’t know her neighbors. Wow! I will be visiting her as well. As for my perfect ice cream social idea – who knew it was going to get so cold and rain on that day. Nobody came – but it’s not the last time. I learned a lot from this imperfect experience. I think the most important one being that people are lonely and do not know how to meet people. Heck, I have been that person too….until I prayed for God to help me reach out. But I also saw that one family reaching out can make a difference even if it is gradually. At least it’s a start. And, honestly, I may never have taken that first step if it had not been for the challenge for us to “Serve our Square”…..even if it isn’t a perfect square!

  2. Rochelle Johnson #

    Compassion Week has been a challenge for me because I live in an apartment. I made the decision to walk around and post up a few business cards for the church. I ran into a young lady name Kim whom seemed to be a little sad when she spoke to me. I asked her if everything was okay and she begin to tell me that her mother had passed away. She had been busy trying to get things prepared for her mom’s home going, that she had not cooked a meal for her family. I express my condolences to her and that I would keep her lifted in prayer. She thanked me and we departed. That night the Lord placed on my spirit to help her out with a meal. So I went to the store and brought everything needed for Spaghetti and meatballs. I made a salad, garlic toast, and even brought cookies for the kids. I met her with the food and she was so grateful that she cried. I told her if she needed anything at all to please just ask. Taking the time out to do for others like Jesus has done for us is priceless. Thank you One for challenging me to reach out to those around us because you never know who may need a lending hand, a kind heart and a loving spirit.

  3. Heath and Iesha Cogburn #

    I am sad to say that we have lived in our town home neighborhood for 10 years and only meet people at the community pool in the summer. Our HOA has caused quite a bit of friction between neighbors and we would like to change that. We made little Easter bags with candy and put our contact information on them. We left them on the doorsteps in hopes to make the first attempt to reach out to our neighbors. Our hopes that this will open up future lines of communication. Many of our neighbors are elderly and we realized we should try and reach out more. This is a great first step!

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